Second Maintanance release for Ontap 8.2

19 September 2014

Changes in Data ONTAP 8.2.2 for 7-Mode
The Data ONTAP 8.2.2 release for 7-Mode includes support for software enhancements and bug fixes.

New platform and hardware support
This release includes support for the following new platform hardware:

Support for 6-TB capacity disks
Support for the FAS25xx series platforms
Support for the FAS8080 platform

For more information, see New and changed platform and hardware support.

New and changed features
This release includes the following new features:

MultiStore enhancements
DataMotion for vFiler unit support for IPv6 and Flash Pool aggregates
Data protection enhancements
Support for KMIP 1.1

New known problems and limitations
There are new known issues in this release:

File access and protocols issues
SMB 2.1 disabled by default
Removed problems and limitations

The following known problems and limitations are removed in this release:

Long disk list for aggregate creation could cause disruption
Access issues with LDAP users that have the login-sp role
Directory queries over SMB that contain consecutive ‘>’ or ‘?’ wildcards provide incorrect results
Online migration of vFiler units is not supported on FlashPools

Documentation changes
The following new or changed information supplements the documentation available for this release:

Changes to the Data Protection Tape Backup and Recovery Guide
Changes to the error message “Too many active dumps/restores currently in progress”

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